Our Paper products:

Cups, Soufflé Cups, Plates, and Napkins, Bathroom Tissue, Food Trays plus Brown, White, Popcorn, & Heavy Duty Bags.

Our Plastic products:

Cups, Retail & Bulk Cutlery, Wine & Champagne glasses, Plates, Bowls, Hinge lid Containers, Thank-you Bags and Poly Bags.

Our Styrofoam products: 

Plates, Hinge lid Trays, Cups and Bowls.

Our Foil products: 

Rolls, Sheets, Pans, & Containers.

We can print your logo on any of these products & can also provide continuous forms for your business.  In addition, we also carry Bar Checks, Straws, Stirrers, Bathroom/ Bowl/Urinal Deodorants, Foils, Plastic wraps, Liquid soap, Dispenser towels, & dispensers.

Below are some Brands we carry:

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